Key takeaways

  1. Route to Illawong is totally thawed out, hike to the bend halfway between Guthega and Ilolawaong, and then skin to the bridge. Higher traverses impassable

  2. Consider taking tents takes for pitching your tent on warmer ground, and a groundnut for your tent to level our grassy grounds. Pitching on grass will be warmer than snow, which way allow you to take less layers for sleeping in and reduce backpack weight

  3. Red snow melts faster than white snow, and stays good for longer during the day. Often, the red was better skiing than the white.

  4. E aspects refrozen by midday, N aspects (red) good to ski by 8am and white 9am

  5. Whippets are far more useful than thought, make sure they’re part of your packing list especially for this trip

  6. Consider the weight of all parties equipment, and handicap faster members of the group whilst ensuring risk doesn’t increase

  7. Western aspects of low incline have totally thawed out. W faces of Twynam are done for the season

  8. Take note of fast routes to Twynam and the Crags, ensure you climb at consistent inclines to keep the uphill routes as efficient as possible

  9. Pitch tent further to Watsons for reduced daily effort, putting in the extra effort with the tent is additional campsite weight is worth it


For the complete trip report visit our write-up here.